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I recently crossed paths with a little lady who wore a t-shirt that read, "I'M NOT SHORT, I'M FUN SIZE". Well, I can say the same of my little paintings!
Lots of fun to paint and to collect, each of these "fun size" (5x7" to 8x10") oil paintings are painted on prepared hardwood panels.

all available 8x8" paintings are $105 with $10.00 shipping within the U.S.
all available 5x7" paintings are $  60 with free shipping within the U.S.

Purchase via PayPal, sending payment to (I'll mail your painting to the address on your PayPal invoice unless you request otherwise)
or purchase through my Etsy store:

some 8x8 inch "fun size" paintings/$105 each (ready to hang or display immediately)
loosley painted robin on a branch with cherry blossems, blue sky detail of a bunch of concord grapes, waxy surface detail of an old blue green pickup truck in the grass
detail flat bed of pickup truck with heart carving in blue green wood a deer with antlers, mountain setting sun loosly painted grizzly bear growling, teeth showing
glass prism hanging in fading light with reflections two garlic bulbs bright head of a sunflower, head to sky
some 5x7 inch "fun size" paintings/$120 each (simple frame is included) * ask about others not shown here
copper wire wrapped around a heart shaped piece of glass seed pod vintage metal bird, white with some rust spots
delicate red glass heart ornament glistening in light with shapes on wall porcelain figurine of one of the 101 Disney Dalmations small metal cherub charm against red background italian plumb

some miniature "fun size" paintings/$20 each
this collage is a sampling of what's available for purchase via my Etsy store