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Born and raised in San Francisco smalll poster image of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California, USA, I decided to follow the artistic calling in my heart at age 16. (An inspiring exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh's work at a self portrait painting of Van Gogh with a very red beard the small photo of the old deYoung Museum in San Francisco de Young Museum was the clincher.) I loved working a used tube of yellow oil paint, some flowing outin oil paints from the start, and still paint in oils almost exclusively -- making visible a variety of subject matter. My given name is Darlene Pucillo, but I sign my paintingspuci's sample signature

My husband and I a playful photo of artist puci and her hubby now live in Livingston, Montana (USA), our son thumbnail photo of artist's son in a victory stance a bit further west.


Collectors of my work can be found all over the globe. I welcome all
inquiries and comments:

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