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All paintings on this page are samples of CUSTOM oil portrait paintings.
(Please see price guide at bottom-right of page.)

I'm looking forward to working with you to capture the essence of your beloveds in oil paints; from your photos.
Email me with questions &/or to get started:
• Thinking about a size you see don't here?

• Do you have a special setting you'd like as background?

• Would you like your kids (furry or otherwise) to be included?

Sure Thing!

Painting commissions for Christmas 2019 are happening now, w/free shipping on the 8x8" & the 8x10" size

 Click on Images to Enlarge and for Full View
The Proposal, 12x16" Lucky Socks, 12x16" Dancin' Till Dawn, 8x10" Just Married, 12x16"
Soulmates ,10x12" Newlyweds ,12x16" The Kiss ,12x16" The Bride and Groom!, 12x12"
Galveston Romance, 30x40" Funny Wedding Invitation, 16x20" A Triumphant Anniversary, 10x12" Ladybugs, 12x12"
12 Years Together, 18x24"     Prices (click to enlarge)