PuciArt ~ custom portraits (people, pets, places)

It's all about what you'd like me to paint/from your photos

I'm looking forward to working with you to capture the essence of your beloveds in oil paints; from your photos.
(A memorial portrait painting can be a special way to honor your beloveds as well as to provide a measure of comfort in their physical absence.)
Email me with questions &/or to get started: puciart@gmail.com

• Thinking about a size you see don't here?
• Want a painting of your pet iguana?
• How about a painting of Snowball-Kitty with Auntie Maria, Uncle Fred AND little cousin Ali?
• Want all 7 beloved pets in your painting?
Sure Thing!
Sample 8x8"s
intimate & close-in; loose brushwork; minimal background
head of boxer in black and white
Sample 8x10"s
perhaps a bit more of pet's body; minimal background; lively brushwork
Plott Hound in golden light, orange background

Sample 10x10"s
fun square size, more room for detail and the pet's full body too
Sample 10x12"s
allows more space for a specific background
Sample 12x12"s
a terrific size in the square format that works well with other 12x12"s groupings on your wall

Sample 12x16"s
just a good-lookin' size
New images coming by mid April 2023
Sample 16x20"s
one of many traditional sizes for portraiture as well as a standard frame size
Sample 18x24"s and larger
where your imagination has no limits
Sample 2+ pets (various sizes)
larger sizes accommodates 2 or more pets-in-one-painting
Sample Pets-in-Costume (various sizes)
they'll love you for not REALLY making them wear those outrageous get-ups,(and yes, that is Neil-Patrick-Harris with his pups)
Sample Pets-with-Persons (various sizes)
capture in oil paints that most special loving bond. (a custom person-portrait only is also possible)
Sample People only (various sizes)   
It's about those special moments

The Scoop (Q & A):
How does this all work?
A Really well, really... Start by emailing some photos to me: puci@puciart.com (large size photos with good resolution please if possible).
     - I create the pre-painting composition using your photos and Adobe Photoshop
     - Once you OK the composition, I paint the portrait
     - I email you some photos of the finished painting
     - You make payment
     - I mail your painting to you
     - all in a matter of weeks

Q How do I get my photos to you?
A Whatever works, but send good ones* OK?
     1. via email: you may send your digital photo(s) to my email address: puciart@gmail.com
     2. via snail mail: you may send originals or a color copy of your photo(s) to my postal address
     3. via internet/social media: I can take a screenshot of your photo(s) from the internet if you have it posted
     somewhere and if the photo(s) are a large file size with good resolution
4. via smartphone/ text or email
     * (A good photo will be a large file size, no harsh flash, have good contrast of the pet, will be
      sharp, and will ideally be at close range)

Q I can't get a good photo of Bubbles. What should I do?
Doggy & kitty treats might help. But if all else fails, just send me what you've got and we'll go from there. I can usually find suitable online images to
"fill in" what's missing.

Q How long does it take?
These days about 2-3 weeks (from when you send your photos, to when you receive your painting

Q May I order a size larger than 8x8" or more than one pet in the same painting? How about Mom with her dear MiniPoo?
Absolutely and... the more the merrier. Here are some sample size/price options:

Q Should I expect any extra charges?

Q How much will shipping within the U.S. cost?
All paintings, All sizes are free.

Q How do I pay you?
We'll figure out which option is best: PayPal, Venmo, personal check, cashier's check, money order,
credit card and cash are welcomed; Thanks.

Q When do I pay you?
I don't expect final payment until AFTER you've seen photos of the finished oil painting. Paintings $300 or more might require a 20% deposit; Thanks.

Q I'd like my painting to last a long time.
I'm on that. Your finished oil portrait will be painted on prepared cotton fabric stretched/mounted onto a prepared hardwood board and stapled
    to the back. I use a varnish-type medium after the painting is finished (as a protective coating as well as to provide an even sheen on the dried oil     paints.) Oil paints are rich in color and resilient to time and to the elements.

Q Can you describe your process a little bit?
Sure thing.I hand-paint all my paintings using oil paints and brushes. (You'll be able to see the texture of the paint, especially in the areas that
    I think need a thicker application of oil paint.) After we chat about your vision for the painting & we decide on the best photo(s) to base the           painting on, I work out the composition in Adobe Photoshop for you to OK. Then, I transfer this image onto the prepared painting surface in                 preparation to paint. I also print out a copy of this composition to use as my guide as I'm painting.

Q Can I frame the painting myself?
Sure, but your painting will be ready to hang/display as soon as you receive it (with the sides painted black or w/gallery wrap
on large sizes upon request .


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(Purchase of these paintings entitles the purchaser to the original art only. All reproduction rights remain the property of the artist)