puci ~ small oil paintings

 All paintings on this page are available for sale.
 Please email me with questions &/or purchase inquiries.
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Miniature paintings $33 each; free shipping; free tabletop display easel (see photo)
MuleDeer, 5x3.5"
Rainbow Over Absaroka Montains, Montana, 5x3.5" A High Wind, 5x5" Stinkbug Shadow, 5x3.5"
A Crimson Robe For The Stinkbug, 5x3.5" Bizzy Bee, 5x3.5" sample of tabletop display easel I Think We're Supposed to Love Even Stinkbugs, 5x3.5"
Sailboat Reflections, 4x5"
Lipstick, 5x5" Chirping, 5x5" Grasshopper Reflections, 5x3.5"

Fuzzzy Bee, 5x3.5"
Green Flash-1, 4x4" Ripe Tomatoes, 3.5x5" The God-Is-Love Bus, 5x7"
Hollyhocks, 5x5"
Green Flash-2, 4x4" sample painting on display IceScream!, 3.5x2.5"
Leda, 5x3.5"
Jeremy's Parrot, 3.5x2.5" Healing Plants, 5x5" Sailing Away, 3.5x3.5"
Visionary Butterfly, 5x3.5"
Roses, 3.5x3.5" Heart Ornament , 5x7" Popping Seed Pods, 5x3.5"
Peas In Space, 5x3.5"
Visionary Stinkbug, 5x3.5" Jade Elephant , 5x7" Cherub Charmer, 7x5"
Definitions of miniature painting vary, but these paintings are all 5x7" and smaller.