PuciArt ~landscape oil paintings
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The Stones Speak
8x10" $79

Finger Clouds - Bonneville Utah
8x10" $79 SOLD
Super Moon Over The Yellowstone River, 20x9"" $320 Hazy Daze (SF CA Ocean Beach)
8.5x11" $79
Grand Canyon
8x10" $79
Flying Fish (Pacific Northwest)
12.5 x10" $175
Palouse WA Farmland
40x30" $550
The Red Bridge
11x14" $87
Acacia Trees
12x12" $140
Hot Pots (Yellowstone)
12x12" $140 SOLD
Prismatic Springs (Yellowstone)
12x16" $140 SOLD
Iridescent Pool
8x10" $79
Bridge At Dusk (Spokane WA)
8x10" $325   SOLD
River, Setting Sun
12x15" $295
10x8" $79 SOLD
Arches Nat'l Park
8x10" $79
Grand Canyon2
8x10 $79
A Guiding Light
14x12" $140
Brooklyn Bridge
10x8" $79
Looking Into Paradise Valley, MT
12x16" $295
Paintings created from my own photos or in nature. Painting surfaces & thickness vary. I'm happy to answer any questions: puci@puciart.com