puci ~visionary oil paintings

 All paintings on this page are available for sale. Please email me w/questions &/or purchase inquiries.
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Shasta Vortex
8x10" $87
Imagine Time as a Circle
8x10" $87
8x10" $87
Hidden Staircase
14x11" $109
Meeting Oneself at the Final Gate
8x10" $87
A Way In
8x10" $87
14x11" $225
A Winter Visit (with Doves)
12x16" $275
Natural Wonder (Virtually)
18x24" $625
Beautiful Lady
33x63" $275
A Quiet Place
9x12" $209
40x32" $425
30x24" $425
A Prayer for The Earth
18x24" $1,600
Operation Birthday Surprise
16x20" $650
Mr. Duck Steps Out
52x64" $5,100
Let Them Eat Brie
14x11" $450
Trap Door
8x12" $275
Exterior Lantern Light
8x10" $325
Opening Into Abundance
44x32" $1,600
Visionary art is meant to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes.